Heidi Spellman Realty’s Suggestions on Preparing For Your Move!

  • As you are emptying closets etc, get 3 types of boxes to be used in the following fashion:

            # 1 – Items to be moved

            # 2 – Tag sale or throw out

            # 3 – Do not know if you want to keep or chuck something – don’t spend time on these items, worst case, take them with you and decide on the other end, when you are calmer and not under so much pressure

  • Get a floor plan if you can, of the new house or draw it as best as possible on paper – floor by floor. Number the rooms on your floor plan (i.e. kitchen is #1; master bedroom is #2, etc.)
  • Label boxes with the same numbers (i.e. kitchen supplies should be labeled #1, items for the master bedroom should be labeled #2). Use numbers only, further description is unnecessary, as the movers will be receiving a copy of the floor plan with an explanation of the system.
  • Start collecting empty wine boxes that still have lids from the liquor store. These work great for glasses. When you use a wine box, you will not even have to wrap the glasses! You can use these same boxes for toiletries, spices, canned goods, cleaning stuff, etc. This saves tons of time!
  • Make sure you know how many wardrobe boxes are included in the price that the movers “give” you, these boxes cost a fortune. Personally, Heidi used 13 for her move.  These same boxes are deep, so load the bottom of them with shoes, sweaters, towels, sheets, pillows etc.  
  • Negotiate with the movers; don’t just “settle” on a price.  Absolutely interview more than one moving company.
  • The big Ziploc bags, the ones that are suction bags, are fabulous for packing clothes, sweaters, and other bulky items like comforters.  These bags hold a lot.
  • DO NOT trust the movers with anything that is expensive or important. Take it in the car with you or for example mark the box with the bathroom number, not, the bedroom number.       
  • At the end of the day, make sure you do a total box count and do a recount at the other end.
  • Definitely buy an insurance plan for the move.


Two Weeks Prior to Closing…

 1. Ask your agent to ask the selling agent if the buyers want to continue with the services of your landscaper, exterminator, housekeeper, and any others that you have contracted before you cancel their services.

  • Contact utilities and arrange for final gas, electricity, water, and oil meter readings, etc.
  • Contact utilities that you will require at your new address, including cable for the internet.
  • Set-up to discontinue telephone lines and have calls forwarded to new phone number.

      (They do this free of charge)

  • Cancel T.V. connection and your internet service provider.
  • Redirect your mail to your new address.

 The following is a list of parties that you will want to inform regarding your change of address:

  • Banks/Credit Card Companies
  • DMV
  • Your employer/educational facility
  • Doctor & Dentist
  • Attorney
  • Accountant
  • Department of Social Security
  • Insurance Companies
  • Electoral Commission
  • Library
  • Anywhere that you may have a membership


2. Cancel local arrangements such as landscaper/tree spraying service, newspaper, snow clearing services, housekeeper, and gym memberships

  • Return library books and videos
  • Collect any outstanding items, such as dry cleaning and shoe repair
  • Have a final clean out. Hire a cleaning lady the day before closing to do refrigerator, etc

 3. File for STAR tax exemption (if applicable) immediately after you have moved into your new home.

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