Hurricane Readiness Guide

June 1st marks the official start of Hurricane Season. All residents should begin now to take steps to prepare for any tropical storm/hurricane that might strike Nassau County this season.

If you are prepared with food (dry food that does not require refrigeration or cooking) and water (1 gal. of water per person per day for at least 5 days), be sure to have a medication kit prepared. Kits should sustain you, your family and pets for up to 5 days.

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano launched a new “Smart911” public safety service to enhance 911 call taking, streamline response times, assist in planning and response in the event of a disaster, and provide emergency alerts to residents. “Smart911” allows residents to create a free safety profile for their household at that can include information necessary for 911 call takers to have in the event of an emergency. Details can include the names and photos of all family members, medical conditions, allergies, pets, and emergency contacts.

This safety profile provides a way for residents to also include information that will enhance disaster response such as power needs for medical equipment, evacuation assistance and sheltering needs. In the event of a natural disaster, public safety officials will be able to quickly determine which residents need assistance. Smart911 provides the capability to conduct Mass Emergency Alerting, allowing residents to opt-in to receive emergency alerts from public safety officials based on geographic locations of events. These mass notifications can be sent through various means of communications including phone, text and e-mail.

For more information on hurricane preparedness, please visit the link:



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