This summer temperatures will be reaching up to 100 degrees! To keep cool many will be splashing around in pools and playing in the hose. Although the pool and hose is a great way to cool off and have some fun, there are some saftey tips you should know about them!

Although taking a nice drink from the hose in the summer sounds refreshing, it can be more dangerous then refreshing. According to CBS News, hoses contain lead and phthalates levels that exceed the Safe Drinking Water Standard. Some tests also showed that the hose contains PVC which is an additive used in plastic products. Before you take a sip from that hose this summer you might want to think twice!

Pools are an easy way to beat the heat, but for those with young children and pets it can become a hazard. Now many places offer a pool alarm, a device that is mounted onto the edge of the pool. According to brilix.com if a child, pet or adult falls into the pool an alarm sounds. The alarm sound is transmitted to your house through a wireless siren that is installed in your house. The alarm will not sound though everytime someone plays in the pool! When someone is swimming in the pool it will go into swim mode, and once the water gets still it switches to protection mode. It is also designed so that no small child can deactivate the alarm!

Hopefully these summer saftey tips will help keep your summer safe and fun! Enjoy your summer and beat the heat safely!

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