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Recently bullying has been a major epidemic in New York. Cyberbullying especially has become a huge problem as well. Governer Cuomo has recently passed a new law which makes schools take immediate action when bullying is reported. In case you missed the announcement of the new law that was passed, you can check it out below.

From the Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Dear Fellow New Yorker,

Cyberbullying is a widespread form of bullying that one in six of New York’s students experienced this past year. Through e-mail, social media, instant messaging, websites, texting, and other electronic means, this form of harassment has become pervasive in our children’s lives.

To protect our children against this particularly harmful form of bullying, Governor Cuomo signed legislation yesterday that will strengthen New York schools’ responses to harassment and bullying through improved reporting, investigation, intervention, training and prevention.

“We must do all we can to ensure that every child in New York State feels safe in the classroom, and this new law will help our schools create an environment that is conducive to educational success,” Governor Cuomo said.

Click here to read more about this critical new law.

The new law requires schools to take immediate action when students experience cyberbullying or other forms of harassment. To support every student’s right to learn, the law ensures that schools work with families, communities and law enforcement to help prevent any form of discrimination and harassment, including cyberbullying.

By working together, we’re making New York safer for our children.

The new New York is working for you and your family.


The Office of the Governor

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